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Your team can do better. Function at a higher level with your team development and corporate training. Invite us to show you how to develop better communication skills, and learn tactics for having difficult conversations, team building and recognizing your team’s potential.

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Working one-on-one with a business coach will allow you to customize a program that uncovers what’s standing in the way of achieving your vision. Become crystal clear on getting both profitable and productive, while enjoying your life and lifestyle as a business owner.

One-on-one Coaching at Change My Business Coaching

Our Clients

Join the list of great companies who have utilized our services to gain insight, increase efficiency and function more effectively as a team.

What They Have To Say

  • I met with Kyle for an initial consultation. I left the meeting feeling intrigued, and impressed by some key information I have not previously heard anywhere else. Kyle has a light and welcoming demeanor, which makes you feel comfortable and valuable as a client. What struck me the most is his wealth of knowledge on human nature, which is important to any business or even sale. I recommend Kyle as a business coach.

    Zeina Elsayed Avatar
    Zeina Elsayed
  • Kyle is an exemplary coach. During our sessions, he's shared valuable methods to get the results I wanted for my business that I haven't found with any other coach. He gives insights on the soft skills needed to manage communications with customers. He also gave good advice on how to attract more customers for my business. I recommend Kyle for his knowledge and expertise.

    Toni Guffei Avatar
    Toni Guffei
  • My business partner and I walked into our strategic planning consultation and felt an immediate positive vibe change. Kyle is a superstar coach, bringing to the industry a deep knowledge along with a very apparent passion for his craft. He has a direct but open approach, allowing for an honest discussion, yet also providing needed structure. Kyle's charisma and engaging personality keeps all stakeholders on track towards a common goal. He asks, "Why do you wake up everyday and do what you do? Remember this because all roads lead back to Rome." Very insightful and impactful session, we left with great value and are excited to tackle all the action items. I highly recommend Kyle and his team for anyone looking to take their business or partnership to the next level. Thanks Kyle and team!

    Jasben Lai Avatar
    Jasben Lai
  • I know I can speak for our entire team when I say that the courses we did with Kyle and the Change My Life Coaching team were very enlightening and inspiring. We not only have awareness as a team of what’s really going on internally, but we now have language to better communicate with each other when different issues arise.

    Kyle was approachable, professional and fun! He was able to engage with our entire team, from a large age range (20-70 yrs old), everyone was able to connect what he was teaching to experiences in our company. I would highly recommend working with Kyle if you get a chance.

    Jacqui Reader Avatar
    Jacqui Reader
  • Kyle Kalloo with Change My Business Coaching has taken me from being frustrated to the point that I wanted to walk out of my job every single day to the point where I am now doing my job, leading our sales team and directly reporting to the business owner. Our flagging sales team has new life, they are motivated and committed and have set a goal to increase overall sales by 25% by year end. THEY set the goal!! THEY are committed to it and our now weekly meetings help keep them on track and keep them accountable!!! I cannot say enough about the guidance I was given and the impact it has already had on morale, sales and team building! I highly recommend Kyle Kalloo and Change My Business Coaching to EVERYONE who has a job, who wants a job, who is a leader!!! This course has kept myself and my sales team engaged and it continues on a weekly basis to be valuable. We go back and answer the questions on a regular basis to help us stay on track!

    Yvonne Dunn Avatar
    Yvonne Dunn

Meet Our Team

Meet the trusted leadership and business coaches at Change My Business Coaching.

Kyle Kalloo

Kyle Kalloo Change My Business Coaching

Kyle Kalloo is the Chief Executive Officer and Business Coach with Change My Life Coaching, Co-Founder of Change My Business Coaching and creator of the Get Profitable, Get Productive (GP2) Business Success System.

With two decades of experience in senior management, Kyle will provide you with tools and support, allowing you to navigate your business and identify impediments to success.

Christopher Lawrence

Christopher Lawrence Change My Business Coaching

Christopher Lawrence is the Chief Value Officer and Founder of Change My Life Coaching, Co-Founder of Change My Business Coaching, and Co-Founder of the Healthy Transformations Weight Loss & Inflammation Reduction Program.

A Certified Master Coach Practitioner (CMCP) with extensive corporate experience, Christopher provides valuable insights on planning, strategy and leadership.

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