Change My Life Coaching proudly marks their 5th Anniversary!

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CALGARY, AB – June 1, 2017– June 1st is the day that Change My Life Coaching proudly marks their 5th Anniversary! Change My Life Coaching has grown from one person’s dream to a team of professionals who provide practical and inspiring whole-life coaching solutions that positively impact every aspect of their clients’ lives, careers and businesses.

CEO and founder, Christopher Lawrence says “We have achieved this milestone through the hard work and sincere dedication of our team. There have been the expected bumps and bruises along the way as we have worked through the growing pains of a small business, but as a result we are able to implement the knowledge and tools we have learned with our clients. We are thrilled to be able to share our experiences and successes as our business grows and thrives. We have a very intentional environment that we are continually cultivating at Change My Life Coaching to assist our clients with issues ranging from career choices, relationships, personal missions, business management and weight loss.

We would like to sincerely thank all our clients and partners for the successes that Change My Life Coaching has achieved over the past five years.  This milestone is a testament to Change My Life Coaching’s commitment to continued innovation and to the future of the company.”

Over the past 5 years, Change My Life Coaching has built a reputation as a sought-after coaching company for their unique approach to whole-life coaching and with the recent addition last year of Executive Leader, Business, and Events Consulting. Support and processes have been put in place so that clients can experience our sincerity, intention and expertise as they create their meaningful, authentic life.

Kyle Kalloo, COO says “As Change My Life Coaching paves the way to the future, we pledge to create even more opportunities for teaching, inspiring and motivating others to achieve even more of their dreams, while focusing, validating and refining our information and delivery processes. At the end of the day, we too are motivated by delivering results.”

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  1. Change My Life Coaching has changed many, many lives and has the best team working with them! Great job, keep up the good work!! Congratulations!!!

  2. This is a tremendous accomplishment. Congratulations Christopher and Kyle. The quality and breadth of the company’s programs is unmatched in their industry. Congratulations!

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