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7 Steps to Creating A Strategic Leadership Development Strategy in 2021

I’m finding that very few people have had the opportunity to deliberately create their own unique leadership and management development strategy as a strategic leader.

The Leaders Challenge: Fear of Failure

Leadership is a challenging job that involves nerves, insecurities, and doubts which makes it really difficult to overcome the feeling of failure.
Kyle Kalloo Strategic leader

Are C-Suite Leaders Lacking 6 Strategic Leadership Skills?

Senior executives within the workplace – referred to as C-Suite for the highest executives in a organization – tend to fail when it comes to ‘walking the walk’ and taking action.
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Inspired Action for Imperfect Humans Podcast

Change My Life Coaching and Change My Business Coaching are excited to announce our new podcast "Inspired Action for Imperfect Humans"!

1st Consumer Choice Award for Outstanding Life Coaching

Consumer Choice Award announces Change My Life Coaching as the first recipient in Canada for the Top Service Provider Award for Life Coaching.
change my life coaching birthday with the team.

Change My Life Coaching proudly marks 8th Anniversary!

In the past eight years we have worked with over 2000 clients in a one-on-one setting and over 10,000 people in group coaching, training and facilitation sessions.
Blog for C-Suite Leader communication.

Game of Telephone In C-Suite Leadership

What starts out as a totally valid, fair complaint (feedback) from the ground level employee group becomes something else entirely.
CMBC Blog: 3 Questions Organizations Should Ask Before A Reorganization

3 Questions Organizations Should Ask Before A Reorganization

A reorganization is just like any other business initiative like a product launch, marketing push or capital project. And as such it is best to proceed with a strategy.
CMBC Blog: Is FEAR The Most Powerful Motivator?

Is FEAR The Most Powerful Motivator?

There is nothing that makes us more uncomfortable than fear, and there are so many of them from fear of failure, disease, missing an opportunity, being conned and a lot more. Our best experiences are borne out of fear.
CMBC Blog: Monday Mindset Meetings

Complimentary Coaching Support – Monday Mindset Meetings

Building, managing, and growing a business is no walk in the park, and this has never been truer than today. We can take the current situation as a call to step back, but we can also look at it as a chance to show resilience and to come out of this stronger.

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