My Coaching Style

The Innovative Approach

At an early age, Kyle was always attracted to chaos; drawn to things that seemed to be out of alignment and required structure.  With his early years being raised in the West Indies, he had to learn how to be resourceful and resilient.  As a result, he learned to take the innovative approach towards life, business and leadership.  Through his management training and experience with McDonalds, Famous Players (Paramount) and WestJet, and all of the ongoing learning and development he's completed, Kyle has refined and perfected skills and processes and is eager to share how to execute them efficiently to help individuals and companies achieve even more of their dreams.  83% of Kyle's business comes from referrals.


As a Business Coach and Strategist, Kyle takes his client's dreams from napkin to completion, from ideas to increased revenue, from wishing and hoping to planning and implementing.


Kyle's clients don't NEED coaching, they WANT it!  This allows him to work with clients on the lies, self-deception and fears; about money, about the power they perceive to be outside themselves in other people, to work on their difficulties with making decisions, and the inability thus far to make bold choices in life and to follow through and trust themselves completely to do so. Transformation is the main objective in coaching with Kyle.


As a Leadership Coach, Kyle helps to develop his clients' ability to persuade and connect.  Kyle will help Leaders discover what motivates their teams, help them identify the roadblocks and he will provide the framework and tools to create change.  He believes that as you become a stronger leader you will build trust with your employees and create an incredible business culture.


In addition, he offers customized learning and development programs for employees to increase their abilities, capabilities and skills to create a sustainable, successful organization.  Kyle is an engaging, entertaining and skilled speaker and participants leave his high impact keynotes, breakouts and workshops thinking differently about their world and ready to take action.


If you are looking for the tools and habits that can help you get to the next level in your Leadership, Business or Career, Kyle will help you focus on the passion, the creativity, the intuition, and the resolve you need for results.  Kyle will guide you on how to leverage these tools and simplify and strategize in your Leadership and Business. You will feel supported, encouraged and inspired the whole way through on this journey.  The result is you'll feel unstoppable and excited about your business and future plans.


Are you ready to move from being busy to productive?

"Making Kyle part of our team has been the best business decision Dominion has made in its 30 years of business."

- Kraig McIver
Dominion Auto Glass

Why Hire a Business Coach?

Kyle is often asked that question.  His answer is pretty simple; because every successful business that is interested in long term growth and development has one. As a business owner, the goal is to keep moving forward, but sometimes you can find yourself and your business stuck.

As a business coach, Kyle will help you identify where the obstacles are and how they are getting in your way.  He can then provide the strategies, tools and tactics to help you streamline, innovate and reach your business's full potential.

Business coaching is not just about the tools you will learn; it is about the skills that you will acquire to help you achieve exponential growth and retain your success.

Your massive breakthrough starts here!

Book your initial complimentary 90-Minute Coaching Session and we can get started!

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