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May 12, 2020 @ 12:00 PM-1:30PM (MST)


Love It or Leave It for Career and Entrepreneurship Complimentary Webinar

Get everything you need to get clear on loving, leaving or creating something new for your career!

Want to ensure you have the right mindset in order to love your career, switch your career, or start your own business but don’t know where to get started? Attend this free webinar today to learn how you can get absolutely clear on the right career path for you and the first critical steps to get started -- no matter what path you choose!

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  1. Why the old career discovery models don't work
  2. A Decision Making Model that will help you make Confident Career Choices
  3. How to Get Noticed and Get Hired, if you decide to leave your career
  4. How to startup a business that's profitable and productive as an entrepreneur

Attend the Love It or Leave It: Career Or Entrepreneurship webinar by clicking the button below and Start Making Confident Career Decisions today!


Raman Chohan

“Finding the ideal career opportunity is all about aligning your values, the culture you thrive in, and branding your expertise.”

Christopher Lawrence Change My Business Coaching

Christopher Lawrence

“Your career is where you spend the best part of your day, the best part of your life – experience  fulfillment in it!”

Kyle Kalloo Change My Business Coaching

Kyle Kalloo

“Being an entrepreneur is neither hard nor easy, it’s just a series of steps. It’s only your mindset that makes it hard or easy.”

Incredible Numbers


People in Same Career

Earlier this year in a report by Thinkopolis IV: Time to Work, they noted that shorter stints at jobs had become the standard as 51 per cent of people now stay in any one role for under two years. In fact only 30 per cent of people stay in any one job for over four years.

- Workopolis


Workers Dissatisfied

We spend one-third (or more) of our days at work. Work defines us as people, i.e., when we aren't happy at work, other areas of our life suffer. Yet more than 70 percent of workers say they don't feel satisfied with their career choices, and I believe we have serious epidemic on our hands.


Entrepreneurs in Canada

There are 3.5 million entrepreneurs in Canada representing diverse entrepreneur profiles. A fulsome understanding of the state of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship is required to support the success and scalability of startups and small businesses across Canada.

- Startup Canada

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