Harnessing Your Motivation using Motivational Mapping


Wednesday, March 24, 2021 @11am to 12:30pm (MST)

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Top 3 Motivators

It can be extremely difficult to understand why your motivation is fleeting. It's like trying to catch water in your hands. Understanding your Top 3 Motivators provides a big clue to solidifying your motivation and leveraging it for maximized benefit.

Harnessing Your Motivation

  • Learn about the 9-Unique Motivators
  • Learn to harness your Top 3 Motivators to increase your motivation
  • Uncover Motivators that you have which might be in conflict
  • Discover what to do if your motivation tanks and you can't seem to get started again

This is for you if...

...motivation seems to slip away from you despite your plan to get things done!

...you start a lot of goals or projects but don't seem to finish them!

...you have goals set for this year but have stopped working on them already!

9-Unique Motivators

You're invited to attend the "Harnessing Your Motivation using Motivational Mapping" webinar to learn about the 9-Unique Motivators.

Motivational Mapping

Christopher is offering this webinar with a complimentary Motivational Map Assessment and Report for each attendee.

Top 3 Motivators

Understanding your Top 3 Motivators provides a big clue to solidifying your motivation and leveraging it for maximized benefit.

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BONUS Motivational Map Assessment & Report Included

Having coached over 2000 individuals in the last 8 years and being the first and only Consumers Choice Award winning Life Coach in Canada, Christopher Lawrence is an expert in the area of motivation. He has helped hundreds of clients understand and leverage their own motivational style using Motivational Maps. He has personally completed hundreds of Motivational Map reviews with clients... more than any other practitioner in North America.

We'll be discussing:

  • How you are uniquely motivated
  • How to unlock your motivation, using YOUR unique motivational style
  • What to do when your motivation tanks and you can't seem to get it back
  • You will receive your own Motivational Map Assessment and Report as a bonus for signing up fort his webinar

Can't attend the webinar? Don't worry, we will be recording it and you will still get your own Motivational Map Assessment and Report.


Christopher gave us an absolutely wonderful presentation about motivation, focus, and entrepreneurship. Our group of Professional Organizers had asked him to speak to us about staying positive in the face of challenges and he absolutely knocked it out of the park. Thank you so much Christopher! I highly recommend!

- Heather S. 

Christopher is very good at asking appropriate and pointed questions, and not only listening to what I was saying but, perhaps more importantly, listening to what I wasn't saying. He helped me to realize the actual cause of what was holding me back, which is something that I probably knew but wasn't willing to address on my own.

- J. Kirk

Christopher is highly intuitive, extraordinarily compassionate, and perfectly frank in delivering advice. The rest is up to you, but I trusted his advice, and am happier, healthier, and moving up in the world as a result of his help.

- Seth B. 

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